The Narbonic Summer T-Shirt Contest!
Well, the contest is over, and picking the three lucky winners gave me much trouble and many sleepless nights. First of all, I've decided to ditch the three categories I announced at the beginning of the summer, since nearly every entry fits into the Most Exotic Locale or Most Interesting Picture categories. (Okay, nobody found any celebrities while wearing a Narbonic shirt.) So I've just selected the three pictures I found most spectacular, plus one very honorable mention. Each of the three winners will receive the original art for a daily strip.

First, Susan Wildey provides us with a classic Narbonic wet T-shirt, from her trip to Bora Bora. She gets extra points for being underwater.
This is Susan Wildey 's photo.

The next photo was taken by Nif during her trip to London. She gets extra points for being in sepiatone, and for claiming in her email to own a Tardis.

This is Nif's photo.
Kellie Hultgren sent this photo of herself participating in a Society for Creative Anachronism's annual Pensic War. She gets extra points for being medieval.
This is Kellie Hultgren's photo.

And last but certainly not least, here is Kisha Delain at the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard, attacking another aspiring scientist with a death ray. Instead of traipsing around the globe all summer long, she has devoted her time to building death rays, endangering lives, and carefully staging reenactments of my comic strip. Let her be an example to us all. I will be sending Ms. Delian a piece of original art.
This is Kisha Delian's photo.

But by no means is this the end! I will be posting all the contest entries over the next few Sundays, including some really wonderful photos and a picture of Young Evil Shaenon. Really.