And now... more runners-up in the Narbonic Summer T-Shirt Contest! This is Karen Veltri, sailing in Annapolis. She writes, "What you can't see are all the other boats getting away from ours as fast as possible for fear of collision... It's not the most exotic of places, but I figure any time someone has other people's lives in her hands, it makes for a better vacation!" Very true.
This is Karen Veltri.

And this is Jim Maiwurm in Europe. The first picture shows him in fronyt of the palace of Versailles in France, "which I think would make a swell weekend place after I take over the world."This is Jim Maiwurm .

And here's Jim "pondering Dave's fate while standing in front of Rodins "Gates of Hell" sculpture in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, France."This is also Jim Maiwurm.