A million billion thanks to the cartoonists who contributed to today's strip. All of them have given me immense support, in various ways, over the course of Narbonic. Please take the time to check out their amazing work.
Andre Richard draws Jeepers on Girlamatic.com and many other adorable comics on WebComicsNation.
Phil Foglio's illustrious comics career includes Buck Godot, Xxxenophile, and runs on Plastic Man and Stanley and His Monster. He and his wife Kaja collaborate on Girl Genius, the other webcomic about a blonde, bespectacled mad scientist girl. He drew the bonus story in Volume 3 of the Narbonic print collections.
Roger Langridge is one of the very best cartoonists working today. His comic Fred the Clown runs on WebComicsNation. He also draws special sequences in my comic Smithson, and he once drew a Marvel comic I wrote entitled "Moleman's Christmas," which was awfully kind of him.
Joe Zabel's online "Trespassers" stories have run on Modern Tales and elsewhere. His print work includes art for Harvey Pekar's American Splendor.
William G is the awesome creator of It's About Girls, on Modern Tales, and Bang Barstal, on Graphic Smash.
Aaron Neathery, in addition to drawing the first Narbonic guest week, has created a number of adorable and occasionally disturbing comics, including Albert, Ed Deadeye, and Daycare.
Trudy Cooper is the utterly brilliant creator of Platinum Grit. If you like Narbonic, I can pretty much guarantee you'll like her work.
Chris Baldwin is best known for Bruno, one of the longest-running and loveliest webcomics, which is also ending soon. Fortunately, we'll still have his equally wonderful strip Little Dee.
Chris Shadoian's Streets of Northampton was one of the flagship comics on Modern Tales at its launch, and his Popcorn Picnic is on Modern Tales now. He drew the bonus story in Volume 2 of the Narbonic print books.
Derek Kirk Kim is the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Award-winning creator of the graphic novel Same Difference and Other Stories. He's so talented he makes everyone around him puke with envy.
Irony Chan draws the daily webstrip Get Medieval. She drew the bonus story in the upcoming Volume 4 of the Narbonic print collections.
Tom Hart is best known for Hutch Owen, currently a daily strip on Serializer.net. He's also the acclaimed creator of graphic novels like The Sands and Banks/Eubanks. He and I collaborated on the webstrip Trunktown.
Vera Brosgol is one of the most gifted cartoonists and animators of her generation.
Brian Moore is a fantastic cartoonist and illustrator. He draws Smithson, which I write.
Jason Thompson draws The Stiff on Girlamatic, and is a hell of a guy.
Dirk Tiede draws Paradigm Shift on Modern Tales. He and I once collaborated on a World Cup tie-in manga, which was fun. He's a hell of a guy, too.
Andrew Farago is the curator of the Cartoon Art Museum and the creator of the webcomic The Chronicles of William Bazillion. He's easily produced more Narbonic-related art than any cartoonist besides myself. He's also married to me.