Stuff I've done besides Narbonic...

I've written three other webcomics. Trunktown, which ran a couple of years ago, was written by me and drawn by my hero Tom Hart. Li'l Mell is written by me and drawn by various other people (and sometimes me). Smithson is written by me and drawn by Brian Moore, with additional art by Roger Langridge.

For a while, I drew a strip called Hell on Wheels, written by Robert McCarthy. The archived strips are right here, bub.

I'm totally on LiveJournal. I use it to tell people when my webcomics update and write about manga a lot.

Narbonic has been granted the following kudos:

A very nice review from Sequential Tart.

A very nice review from Comixpedia.

I scored a 2001 Friends of Lulu nomination for Best New Talent, and I was voted the 2005 Lulu of the Year.

I won the 2005 Web Cartoonists' Choice Award for Outstanding Writer:

Narbonic received an honorable mention as one of the best comics of 2006 from The Comics Journal.

I was a guest artist at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in October 2007.