"Yes, yes," I hear you saying, "Narbonic is clearly the best online comic strip in recorded history... but where did it come from?" Glad you asked. Walk with me, won't you, down Memory Lane, past some of the worst art you're likely to ever see. Yes, this is the section where I show off my pre-Narbonic comics.

The first comic strip I drew was called "North of Space," and I drew it in high school. It appeared sporadically in the youth section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "North of Space" was about a group of geeky teenagers who hang around a convenience store. Their names were Macintosh, Jess, and Mell. Macintosh was a sort of squat, embryonic Dave. Mell you know.

Incidentally, the strips below are versions I redrew in my freshman year of college, when I foolishly submitted "North of Space" to a comic-strip syndicate. I can't find the original high-school versions, but rest assured that they were even more crudely-drawn and embarrassing.