Behold! Our Guest Artists!

One of the perks of being a girl cartoonist is the flock of nubile young men with which one is constantly surrounded. From time to time, the invariably handsome and charming members of my entourage volunteer to give my delicate hands a rest by drawing my strip. This is their story.

The Man Without Fear

Andrew Farago is the gallery manager of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, the creator of two minicomics (Dogs Playing Poker With Jesus and The Secret History of the Comics), and the founder of Tubby's Pals. The slim, olive-skinned Farago, whose dark Mediterranean eyes gleam provocatively from beneath a shock of jet-black hair, has drawn various "Narbonic" pinups and a couple of Sunday features as well as a week's worth of daily strips. He's also my sweetie.

The first series of spectacular Farago pinups
An additional, even more spectacular pinup
Farago Week
APE-Aid: A Farago/Garrity Jam (featuring special musical guest Willie Nelson)
A very special Dave memorial comic cover
Willie Nelson Action Comix (with a fruit-pie ad by yours truly and the now-classic bonus feature "T-Nuts")
More Pinups (Featuring Popeye!)
The Cartoon Art Museum Reopens: A Farago/Garrity Jam
Insanity Klaus: A Christmas Storybook
Ultimate Narbonic
Andrew Makes the Strip Popular
From Off the Streets of Cleveland
Continuity Repairs With Rob and Andy
A Romantic Interlude
Andrew's 24 Hour Comic, 2004
Famous Mobsters of Finland
Continuity Repairs With Rob and Andy, Part Two

Aaron Neathery

Aaron Neathery is a freelance artist, graphic designer, and cartoonist, as you can clearly see here. The winsome and boyishly handsome Neathery, with eyes as blue as the Texas sky and biceps as big as Beaumont, has drawn an extended ten-day storyline for "Narbonic".

Neathery Week-And-A-Half

James Rice complains that his friends and coworkers mocked him after I called his Artie paper doll the cutest thing that could possibly exist, but that doesn't prevent it from being the most well-crafted and dressable piece of Narbonic paper art to date. He himself is a vast studly bull of a man with abs of granite and a chin from which the Air Force can launch jets, which is why he can get away with playing with dolls in his spare time.

Movie Posters - Starring James Rice!
Artie Paper Doll
All-Gerbil Guest Week
A Jack-O-Lantern
Tracer Bullet
A Little Boggle Contest
C-Space Reloaded
The Curse of the Cute Gene
Speedy, the World's Fastest Gerbil
Caught Dancing
Speedy in the Biochem lab
Speedy Goes to Iraq
Speedy Goes to Belize
You Might Be a Henchman If...
Madness Inspirational Poster
Speedy Sets Land Speed Record

Andre Richard

On the surface, Andre Richard seems the sensitive heartthrob type, bubbling with childlike whimsy, not unlike Johnny Depp. But beware, for dark passions roil beneath his charming surface. Andre draws "Jeepers" on, and he was kind enough to create a week of Narbonic strips in his own unmistakable style. Without further ado, I give you... NARBONIC BABIES!

Narbonic Babies
Narbonic Babies Sketches

Jeffrey Wells is writing a long and complex Narbonic fanfic, explaining what Mell and Artie did with themselves while Helen and Dave were crashing D-Con. I'm serializing it here, with illustrations technically by me but mostly copied from John R. Neill. The handsome, dangerous, and highly erotic Jeffrey Wells has a mess of other stories you can read here. I recommend his epic "Mundementia One."

A Brief Moment of Culture, Part I
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part II
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part III
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part IV
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part V
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part VI
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part VII
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part VIII
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part IX
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part X
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part XI
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part XII
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part XIII
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part XIV
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part XV
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part XVI
A Brief Moment of Culture, Part XVII

Other Guest Art, Poetry, and What-Have-You

There aren't many things I love more than letting other people write and draw my strip for me. Below is proof.

August 20, 2000: The Disturbing Palindrome Song of the Mutant Gerbils
September 3, 2000: Andie W. Swell's Extremely Long Analysis of the Disturbing Palindrome Song
S eptember 10, 2000: The Love Theme from "Narbonic"
November 12, 2000: Several Vassar Students Dress As the Cast, With Terrifying Results (Plus Free Icons!)
November 19, 2000: This Is Your Chance, My Lovelies: The Art of Tamara Fougner and Mee-Lise Robinson
January 28, 2001: The First Annual Narbonic Haiku-Off
February 18, 2001: Sketches from APE
March 11, 2001: Dave and the Magic Shirt
March 25, 2001: The Narbon Coat of Arms
April 8, 2001: The Cartoonist Employs Child Labor
Easter Sunday, 2001: The Narbonic Diceless Roleplaying Game
April 22, 2001: Gerbildance
May 20, 2001: Dave Runner
July 2-3, 2001: Guest Artist Week: Matthew Blackwell, Michael Levy, Isabel Gonzalez, Tall T, Steven Chin, and Willow
July 4, 2001: Guest Artist Week: Tamara Fougner and Michael Stutzman
July 5, 2001: Guest Artist Week: Jennifer Meyer
July 6, 2001: Guest Artist Week: Robert McCarthy, A. Willey, and Morrigan
July 7, 2001: Guest Artist Week: Derek Kirk
July 29, 2001: A Delightful Cake Recipe
August 19, 2001: The Ratings: Narbonic
September 2, 2001: Winners of the Narbonic Summer T-Shirt Contest!
September 9, 2001: Contest Runners-Up, Part One: The Ed Wells Saga
September 16, 2001: Conte st Runners-Up, Part Two: Karen Veltri and Jim Maiwurm
September 23, 2001: Contest Runners-Up, Part Three: Shaenon's Family (With Evil Shaenon!)
October 7, 2001: Yay!: The Art of Kisai, Martin Olsson, Orin J, and Tamara Fougner
November 11, 2001: Halloween Costumes!
January 20, 2002: Mell Raider: The Art of Richard Powell and Jennifer Toal
January 27, 2002: The Second Annual Narbonic Haiku-Off
February 3, 2002: The Second Annual Narbonic Haiku-Off (Sans Haiku)
February 10, 2002: Sketches From APE
March 3, 2002: Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Care Bear
March 10, 2002: Spot the Dave Contest
March 17, 2002: Results of the Spot the Dave Contest
April 7, 2002: The Hottie with the Gun: The Art of Dirk Tiede
April 21, 2002: Narbonic Sprite Theatre
May 5, 2002: The Narbonic Caption Challenge
May 12, 2002: A Gerbil Named Artie
May 19, 2002: Results of the Narbonic Caption Challenge
June 6, 2002: Mostly Modern Tales Guest Week: Drew Weing, Dorothy Gambrell, Joe Zabel, Tom Hart, Chris Shadoian, and Jason Thompson
June 17-22, 2002: Orin J Guest Week
July 28, 2002: The Naming of Daves
August 11, 2002: Efnu!: The Art of Kelly and Ellen, Richard Powell, Chris Shadoian, and Dirk Tiede
August 12, 2002: Rena ming Dave Barker
September 1, 2002: The Narbonic Book Cover
September 15, 2002: Results of the Second Narbonic Summer T-Shirt Contest
September 29, 2002: Spider-Goats!
October 13, 2002: A Narbonic Jack-O-Lantern
October 27, 2002: T-Shirt and Spider-Goat Redux
November 3, 2002: Pumpkins!
November 17, 2002: Again, Halloween Costumes
December 8, 2002: Near-Narbonic Experience
December 22, 2002: Awful Milkshakes: The Art of Allan Ecker, Mari Rose, Derek Kirk, and Jason Furness
January 26, 2003: Madblood Battle Anthems: Rob McCarthy, Willow the Wanderer, Dana Tenneson, Buddha Buck, and Dave III
February 2, 2003: Sketches from APE
February 9, 2003: Madblood Battle Anthems: Parke Matru, Mee-Lise Robinson, Rantarn, John Barnes, and Dana MacKenzie
February 23, 2003: Madblood Battle Anthems: Shay Caron, Parke Matru, Joseph Prisco, Stephen Boyd, and Prodigal
March 9, 2003: Madblood Battle Anthems: Lots42, Ed Wells, Megan Swain, Joshua Macy, Seth Blumberg, Dennis Bergendorf, and Tumbleweed
March 16, 2003: The Madblood Battle Anthem
April 1, 2003: The Nice April Fools' Day Swap
April 20, 2003: A Joke
May 4, 2003: The Cartoonist Has a Birthday
June 15, 2003: A Little "Boggle" Contest
June 22, 2003: C-Space Reloaded
July 27, 2003: Comic-Con Sketches, Part One: Indigo Kelleigh, Leonard Cachola, Dylan Meconis, Dirk Tiede, and Amber "Glytch" Greenlee
August 8, 2003: Comic-Con Sketches, Part Two: Bill Mudron, Jason Thompson, Vera Brosgol, and Derek Kirk Kim
August 24, 2003: A Narbonic-Related Love Story
September 14, 2003: Curse of the Cute Gene: The Art of James Ri ce, Orin J, Dirk Tiede, and Bill Mudron
October 12, 2003: No Fear: The Art of Megan Swain and Christopher
November 2, 2003: Narbonic Cosplay
November 16, 2003: Halloween Costume!
November 23, 2003: Sir Pounce
November 30, 2003: A Narbonic Dream
January 18, 2004: Spit Take: The Art of James Rice, Keith Quinn, and Tailsteak
May 30, 2004: An Animated Gif from Jennifer Rutherford
June 27, 2004: Everybody Draws Dave: The Art of Michael Patrick and Juan Navarro
July 18, 2004: Martiza Campos Guest Strip!
September 5, 2004: All About Winnipeg
September 12, 2004: Winners of the Summer Gerbil Contest: Ren Faire!
September 19, 2004: Winners of the Summer Gerbil Contest: Gerbils in Iceland!
October 10, 2004: Rogue Journalist: The Art of Fabio Fernandes and Dirk Tiede, With Bonus Pillar
November 21, 2004: Gerbil in Costume!
November 28, 2004: Dirk Dresses as Dave
December 19, 2004: A Sestina by Eric Burns
January 16, 2005: The Second-Ever Sunday Mailbag!
January 23, 2005: Guys with Malfunctioning Cyborg Implants
January 30, 2005: Haiku-Off 2005, Part One
February 6, 2005: Haiku-Off 2005, Part Two
February 13, 2005: Haiku-Off 2005, Part Three
February 20, 2005: Haiku-Off 2005, Part Four
February 27, 2005: Haiku-Off 2005, Part Five
March 27, 2005: Amy vs. Mell
May 8, 2005: PC Icons by Mark Sherry
May 15, 2005: Sketches from APE 2005
May 22, 2005: KREEE!!!: The Art of Joshua Coffin, Irony Chan, and Seanan McGuire
June 12, 2005: More Sketches from Irony Chan
July 10, 2005: New 'n Improved Paper Dolls: Helen
July 17, 2005: New 'n Improved Paper Dolls: Mell
July 24, 2005: New 'n Improved Paper Dolls: Dave
August 7, 2005: This Isn't Right: The Art of Talia Karn, Shweta Narayan, Jason Thompson, and Dirk Tiede
August 21, 2005: New 'n Improved Paper Dolls: Bonus Outfits 1
August 28, 2005: New 'n Improved Paper Dolls: Artie
September 11, 2005: 2005 Summer Gerbil Photo Contest, Part 1
September 18, 2005: 2005 Summer Gerbil Photo Contest, Part 1b
September 25, 2005: 2005 Summer Gerbil Photo Contest, Part 1c
October 2, 2005: 2005 Summer Gerbil Ph oto Contest, Part 2
October 9, 2005: 2005 Summer Gerbil Photo Contest, Part 3: Da Winnah!
October 16, 2005: Guest Strip by Ballad
October 23, 2005: New 'n Improved Paper Dolls: Bonus Outfits 2
November 13, 2005: Smithson
November 27, 2005: New 'n Improved Paper Dolls: Artie Again
December 4, 2005: Moleman's Christmas
December 11, 2005: City of Villains, Part 1
December 18, 2005: City of Villains, Part 2
January 8, 2006: Just Think: A Comic By T Campbell, Stephen Crowley, and Joe Zabel